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Recon-3D Change Log

The most recent changes of Recon-3D on February 12, 2023, Version 1.3.2 (32)


  • Fixed an additional issue with subscriptions

Recon-3D on January 5, 2022, Version 1.3.1 (31)


  • Fixed a problem with subscription where users were being switched back to a non-subscribed status temporarily.

Recon-3D on October 27, 2022, Version 1.3


  • Corrected a major issue in software that gave a "framework expired" warning.

Recon-3D, September 12, 2022, Version 1.2


  • New Trial Mode: Trials now give up to 10 scans with cloud processing and exporting but are limited to 30 second scans.

  • New e57 Viewer: Recon-3D will now open external e57 files. e57 scans must be saved locally on the device to open.

  • New Range Slider: Range slider reduces unnecessary background reconstruction. Lower values are processed faster and default is 5m to match sensor range

  • New Photogrammetry Mode: Allows for up to 200 photographs or 10 videos with max 10 min in length. Users can use the density slider to increase or decrease number of points reconstructed.
  • New Monthly and Yearly Plan:  Added monthly plan so users wish to purchase for short term projects may do so
  • Scan Storage: Users now have a 3 month storage on their scans, after which the data is no longer stored on the server. Users can download point cloud data to their phones . Original scan data collected with phone remains on the phone.
  • Various small bug fixes and enhancements

Recon-3D, July 16, 2022, version 1.1


  • Scan List - Scans are now ordered by their capture date, not their upload date

  • Processing Button Behaviour - Cloud processing buttons now change between Uploading, Processing and Download cloud model depending on the state of the scan. This gives the user an idea of where the cloud processing is at and when the model is ready.

  • Scan Sharing - All scans are now shared in the e57 format regardless of on-device or cloud processing. 

  • On-Device Processing Notification - When on device processing is chosen, a prompt comes up for users to confirm before starting.

  • Cancel Scan Prompt - When cancelling a scan, the user is prompted to confirm. This avoids accidental deletion.

  • April Tag Location - April tags can be shared or printed from the "More" tab under the Print April Tags menu.

  • April Tag Sharing on iPad no longer crashes

  • Default Units - Default units have been added which will automatically change the target units. Exporting remains in meters in all cases for the time being. A future release will allow point cloud export in user defined units.

  • New User Registration - Confirmation and temporary password have been removed. User only needs to provide information and they are immediately registered to app.

  • Fixed scaling issues upon export when choosing different target units. Also fixed some differences between cloud and device processing.

  • Sync Via WiFi - Removed the "gear" icon in the top right of file scan menu, now users just click on the "Sync via WiFi" text to change options

  • Scan Settings - Default unit can be selected from scan settings menu. April tag thumbnail has been removed to More menu

  • Restarting Scan - Now removes older data and replaced with new

  • File Name Warning - When moving to scan folders from the scan screen, it was not possible to create a new scan with the previous scan name which was effectively cancelled by doing this action. this has been corrected.

  • On Device Processing - exports e57 but ply is currently still included in scan folder

  • Improvements in stability and uploading for larger scans

  • Location Services - When WiFi and cellular was lost, a notification would pop up not allowing users to scan. No location services are required to scan now.

  • Account Deletion-user can delete entire account and all data on servers

  • Change log and app version added to "More" tab.

  • Greater stability for uploading

  • Greater stability for longer scans

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